2016/2017 Upcoming UAYSL Sessions - Team Registration Information - Please Read Below


June 5 - September 30 / Early October 2017

Will Be Accepting Team Registrations For:

  9U ('08) & 10U ('07)** Recreational Teams - 14 games - 7v7 - $350

11U ('06) & 12U ('05)** Competitive Teams - 14 games - 9v9 - $600

13U ('04) & 14U ('03)   Competitive Teams - 14 games - 11v11 - $700

15U ('02) & 16U ('01)   Competitive Teams - 14 games - 11v11 - $800

19U ('98) Competitive Teams - 10 games - 11v11 - $800

**10U ('07) & 12U ('05) Teams have the option of all 14 games on 7v7 and 9v9, respectively -OR- 10 games on 7v7 & 9v9, respectively, with 4 flex games on the larger fields of 9v9 and 11v11, respectively.  With this option, the first 10 games will take place before the State Cup Tournament and the  4 flex games will all take place after the State Cup Tournament.  This option will be available on the team entry forms.


2017 Outdoor Registration Dates & Deadlines:

All Teams

Team Entry Forms & Fees:  Emailed/Postmarked on or before Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Bracketing Meeting:  Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 11:30am - CISC conference room.

Team Rosters & Player Fees: Emailed/Postmarked on or before Wednesday, May 24, 2017

2017 Outdoor Player Fees:

UAYSL Annual Player Fee (for UAYSL member club and/or AYS affiliated players):  $60 - paid once with a player's first session/soccer year.  Note - UAYSL Annual Player Fees for the 2017/2018 soccer year will not be collected in September but will be collected during team/player registration for the 2018 UAYSL Indoor Session.

UAYSL Dual Roster Fee:  $10/additional team/session 

UAYSL Player Fee for non UAYSL and/or non AYS affiliated players participating in Senior Division and/or Open Divisions Only:  $20/session

UAYSL Player Fee for Out-of-Town Teams (defined as outside the Anchorage/Matsu Valley): $20/session


**Player Fees for the 19U Divisions only may be paid online using the link below.  Link also posted under the "Registration Forms" link on the home page.


Online Player Fee Payment Link - 23U Open Division Only - Links will open May 22


2017 Outdoor Roster Sizes:

             9U & 10U:  Min 7, Max 14

          11U:  Min 9, Max 18

          12U:  Min 9, Max 18

          13U-15U:  Min 11, Max 18

          16U-19U:  Min 11, Max 22 (Dress 18)


2017 Outdoor Games Will Begin: 

9U - 16U:  Week of June 5th.

19U:  Week of June 12th.


Player Passes will be required for all UAYSL Sessions in 2016/2017

**9U & 10U Only - No Player Passes, Scores or Standings**


Team Entry Forms will be posted on the "Registration Forms" Link, on the left side of the home page.  If forms are not posted it means they are not ready.  Please check back.




Team Entry Forms (All Sessions):

Team entry forms (See Link at Left) must be EMAILED to the UAYSL Administrator.  The entry fees must be MAILED, to the address listed on the entry form, on or before the posted deadline to avoid a $200 late fee.

***Fill-able Team Entry Forms*** - Forms can be completed electronically and emailed.  If your viewer states "The filling of forms is not supported" click on the "Open with Different Viewer" link on the upper right of the screen.  You should then be able to fill the form and email it.  Forms can also be printed, completed, scanned and emailed.   Submitted Entry forms must be verified as correct by the team's head coach AND the team manager, registrar or the president of the member club prior to submission to UAYSL. 




UAYSL will automatically NOT schedule games, for any team, the day before/after and during the following events:
Alaska Airlines Cup
Far North Invitational
Zane Cup Memorial Tournament
AYS State Cup Tournament
AYS ODP Sub-Regional Camp
Last Frontier Cup
ALL OTHER scheduling requests must be noted on the team entry form in the specific spaces provided.  No more than 3 requests will be allowed per team each for game de-conflictions and scheduling issues due to team travel.  Requests not noted on the team entry form WILL NOT be considered.
Player Fees & Rosters (All Sessions):
Team rosters must be EMAILED to the UAYSL Administrator.  The player fees must be mailed to the address listed on the entry form on or before the posted deadline to avoid a $100 late fee.  **Exception for player fee payment:  16U - 19U Indoor Senior Team Division and/or 19U Outdoor Division players ONLY will be able to pay player fees online when one of these divisions is offered.
Player Fees:
The UAYSL Annual Player Fee is paid with the FIRST UAYSL session in which a player participates each soccer year.  The Annual UAYSL Player Fee is $60.  A player may play in as many UAYSL sessions as desired, with his/her primary team, once the Annual Player Fee is paid. 
UAYSL Dual Roster Player Fee - dual rostered player will pay $10/additional team/session.  This fee does not apply within a 16U-19U Indoor High School Senior Divison if offerred.  If a competitive youth player is dual rostered to a Indoor High School Senior Division team - the dual roster fee will apply.
UAYSL Player Fee -  Non UAYSL Member Club or AYS Affiliated Player participating in a Senior Division and/or 19U Outdoor Division Only - $20/session.
UAYSL Player Fee for Out of Town Teams (defined as outside of the Anchorage/MatSu Valley) - $20/session
Rosters: must be submitted using the UAYSL Roster Template (posted) & in the following format:  alpha by last name, first name, DOB, jersey #.  Rosters must note all dual rostered players and the player fee being paid for each player - $60 Annual Player Fee for UAYSL member club affiliated players, and/or $10 Dual Roster Fee, $0 for a player who has paid the $60 Annual Player Fee (and is not a dual rostered player), $20 for a player who is not affiliated with a UAYSL or AYS member club participating in an Indoor HS Senior Division and/or 19U Outdoor Division only or $20 for a player on a team from out-of-town team.

The official UAYSL roster, which will be emailed to the coach and manager prior to the first game, is required to be submitted to the center ref and opposing coach at each game.  Failure to do so will result in a forfeit for the offending team per UAYSL Rules of Competition.  A forfeit fee of $200 will apply for the offending team.

Roster changes must be emailed to the UAYSL Administrator 48 hours prior to the game in question.  Requests received less than 48 hours prior to a game cannot be guaranteed.
**Please be advised:  Any and all NSF checks will be considered as late payments and all associated late fees & bank fees will apply.**
 All competitive and recreational players must be registered with AYS for the 2016-2017 season prior to playing with UAYSL.  This is done through the affiliated competitive club for which the player is a member.  In the case of an Indoor High School Senior Team and/or 19U Outdoor Division player, who is not affiliated with a competitive club, AYS registration & payment must be done online on the AYS website - at www.alaskayouthsoccer.org

Mail team and player fees where applicable to UAYSL, PO Box 243565, Anchorage, AK 99524-3565.  Email team entry forms, team rosters and/or questions to uaysl.info@yahoo.com 

Late Fees

Team registration fees:  $200

Player fees:  $100

If a team has registered and paid the team entry fee, but at bracketing there is not a bracket available for them, the entry fee will be refunded. 

Withdrawl of a registered team before the posted bracketing meeting = full refund of team registration fees.

Withdrawl of a registered team after the posted bracketing meeting (except in the case of no available bracket) = no refund of team registration fees.




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